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I'm an artist/designer

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My Resume



Photography/Video and Post Production

RCCG Chosen Generation Church



Design and New Media Art

I've been a traditional artist since 2010, and I adopted digital mediums in 2017. I currently create limited edition print and blockchain art.

Makers Place



I write poetry, short stories and e-mail/marketing copy for businesses.

Better Hair For You

September 2018-2022

Bachelor of Arts (Fine and Applied Arts)

I currently go here and major in graphic design.

University of Benin



Graphic Design Intern, Wildreams

Worked with briefs and content to create informative social media designs for brands such as Campari Nigeria

December 2019

Motion Graphic Designer, Schucks Media

Translated voice overs to animated infographic videos for Apex Nigeria.

Schucks Media
June 2020- Present

Brand Designer, Digxital

Creates visual representation of brand identities such as The Sweet Layers Factory and CroxxTalents with posters and motion graphics.

January 2020- Present

Creative Lead, The 1938 Collective

Creates and supervises all visual brand identity elements and general art direction1938co

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Artist Statement

I'm a native of Eastern Nigeria, it is a beautiful place. Stories from my parents' childhood, our native foods, african literature; they reveal to me how easily beauty and chaos can lay side by side in a culture, defining our collective identity as a people, but ruining the subconscious and uniqueness of each individual. We don't have to do that. We do not have to lose ourselves to define ourselves.
I very carefully, question society's perception of masculinity. Stereotypes and our false, twisted interpretation of this gender is at the centre of many vices in the human condition. I believe by putting provocation, before consequence and/or result we can alter results.

work with me


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“You see this lady? She has been a huge blessing to me for probably 3+ years. Very patient with me, very clear about deliverables and just a great person to work with!”

— Itohan Edokpolo, Founder Natural Joy.
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“Azuka is one of the best around. Her patience and ability to pictorialise our ideas in such simplicity is top notch. I would recommend her anyday, anytime.”

— Adaora, Founder Joa.
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“Working with Azuka was one of the best decisions I made. She went the extra mile to bring my dreams to reality, and she was so patient throughout the iteration. ”

— Chidinma Nsoedo, CEO Charamie.
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“It is not everyday that you see a designer so versatile. Azuka wants to help you build your brand Identity and give you marketing tips all at once!”

—Norah Abebe, Founder Better Hair For You.

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